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Comprehensive Dental Care with Advanced Technology

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Advanced Dental Technology Provides Exceptional Results

The newest dental technologies have revolutionized the way many popular procedures are performed which means faster appointment times and minimal discomfort for the patient.

Our doctors work hard to stay up to date on dentistry best practices and the latest protocols, treatments, and procedures. His office in Jacksonville, AL, is equipped with advanced dental technology and digital systems that help us perform a variety of procedures with a high degree of accuracy and precision. Some of the latest technologies make it easier to perform an accurate diagnosis and detect problems early. Whether you have gum disease, need dental implants, or need to get a root canal, you can count on the team at Regional Dental Center to provide quality care using the latest technologies and affordable treatment options.

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Advanced Dental Technology at Our Practice

Our State-of-the-Art Technologies

  • CBCT
  • Piezosurgery
  • Intraoral camera
  • Plasma rich growth factors

Dr. Young offers minimally invasive procedures that use advanced dental technology.

Our office is equipped with an intraoral camera which makes it easy to capture detailed images of the mouth without using traditional impressions. This makes it easier on patients who have a strong gag reflex and also speeds up consultation visits. We also use dental cone beam technology, an advanced X-ray device that captures 3D images of the teeth, soft tissues, and jaw bone. The CBCT device is especially useful for dental implant placement and other advanced procedures that require a full view of the mouth and jawbone.

Ultrasonic Technology for Periodontal Procedures

With more than 41 years of experience in dentistry, Dr. Young performs several periodontal procedures and hard tissue procedures using advanced dental technology

Piezosurgery is  relatively new technique that uses ultrasonic technology designed specifically for bone surgery. Dr. Young has extensive experience using this technology and can perform procedures that require cutting bone tissue without affecting adjacent soft tissue. Piezosurgery allows Dr. Young to perform hard tissue procedures with a great degree of precision and control, thereby minimizing trauma to other areas of the mouth and preserving as much natural tissue as possible.

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